• YogaBots™ is available in the APP store and will enable you to access your own personal health Bot with lots of information, tips and advice on relaxation techniques, meditation, mindfulness, stretching and mobility exercises rooted in the ancient science of yoga. 
  • The Bot can also be used to prepare for a variety of life situations, to manage stress, anxiety and build self- confidence through breathing and exercise techniques. 
  • It can be a useful tool ahead of important events, exams, meetings, presentations or in a stressful education or corporate setting, without having to attend a daunting and time consuming class.
  • Your personalised YogaBot™ will provide fact sheets, challenges, suggested reading, links to podcasts and other relatable and useful content. 
  • 5 week Introduction to Yoga Course
  • Vision Board and Quantum Jumping Workshop
  • Introduction to Meditation Course


  • You can adapt your Yogabot to be used as a strategic management tool to support health and wellbeing within companies. 
  • A fantastic solution to address corporate social responsibility and feedback can be used to address common issues across the workforce or benchmark problems that could lead to underperformance, absenteeism, low morale or productivity. 
  • A bespoke branded version of YogaBots™ can be developed for all size of companies from SME’s to large corporates, local authorities, universities and colleges. 
  • Clients can determine the type and level of content depending on company needs. 
  • It can also be used as a communication tool to push messages and opportunities about health and wellbeing out to staff.
  • It has the ability to carry out surveys and measure impact through likes and feedback functionality features and can help you achieve your Social Responsibility and staff wellbeing ambitions. 
  • The APP can be supported with 121 or group sessions delivered by a fully qualified and insured member of the YogaBots Community. 

Yoga Teachers/Practitioners/wellbeing community  

  • Can be used as an information resource or platform to promote individual content and new to market wellbeing products.

 If you would like to share your content to our growing global community and promote your services, get in touch! 


  • Can be used for patients that may be stressed or anxious about a procedure or as a healing aid to speed up recovery. 


  • Can be used by teachers and learning providers as a reference point and toolkit to promote well-being methods to pupils
  • Can be used by parents and families to discover mindfulness together and have fun practicing yoga and other health activities
  • Recipes and useful information on healthy food


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