Split into 5 sections depending on what you need and how much time you have. The sections are:

  1. Home workouts -these are split into 10 min, 20 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour workouts
    • Minibots – kids content for the whole family to enjoy
  2. Live workouts
  3. Meditation- contains audio and video meditations and soothing music to help you relax and de-stress
  4. Tips and Inspiration – short sessions designed to provide technical tips and alignment
  5. Courses – contains any additional courses you have purchased

YogaBots™ is a platform that aims to provide you with the tools to healing, relaxation, increased mental focus, creativity, strength and flexibility.

It offers a plethora of short, sharp sessions that can be accessed at any point in the day and wherever you are in the world.

For those that want to explore further and maybe connect to a more spiritual dimension of the practice, YogaBots™ also offers inspirational speeches, affirmations, workshops, personal development courses and full classes with a variety of teachers and themes.


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