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YogaBots is a platform that aims to provide you with the tools to healing, relaxation, increased mental focus, creativity, strength and flexibility.

It offers a plethora of short, sharp sessions that can be accessed at any point in the day and wherever you are in the world.

For those that want to explore further and maybe connect to a more spiritual dimension of the practice, YogaBots also offers inspirational speeches, affirmations, workshops, personal development courses and full classes with a variety of teachers and themes.

Who's it for?

  • Companies
  • Individuals
  • Schools and learning providers
  • Students
  • Yoga Teachers and practitioners
  • Hospital patients
  • Children

How will it benefit me?

  • Mental toughness
  • Improve breathing
  • Progress strength
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better balance
  • Enhance creativity
  • Personal development and goal setting
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase energy
  • Help you to be a good business
  • Staff wellbeing
  • Enhanced productivity of staff

Your YogaBot will offer basic meditation, mindfulness and ancient tips and remedies that can alleviate stress whilst providing relief to aches and pains through movement and mobility.

Through your Bot, you will learn new techniques in finding the magic route to a peaceful mind and body.

For the Employer, YogaBots™ will survey your staff and provide feedback on employee wellbeing, offering more intimate knowledge of issues that may need to be addressed to enhance productivity, boost morale and provide a happier, healthier and more efficient work environment.

Packages & Costs

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For Companies:
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