Inspired by the ancient practice of yoga, which means to join or union, YogaBots™ is an APP that provides a virtual health Bot, a guide and mentor to help you to become the best version of yourself.

What Is It?

YogaBots™ is a monthly subscription APP that includes hundreds of hours of live and on-demand content to address mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing issues

Can be accessed 24/7!

Work out in the comfort of your own home with yoga, meditation, pilates, HIIT Yoga and so much more

Try one of our Courses

Deepen your practice

Learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness to reduce stress

Access ancient tips, recipes and remedies

Includes Children’s classes to be enjoyed by the whole family

Who is it for? - ANY-BODY! ANY AGE! ANY WHERE!

YogaBots™ can be designed bespoke to meet your individual needs or as a corporate wellbeing tool for staff.

Basic Subscription App - Sign up to the monthly subscription here to access workouts now

Corporate – buy block subscriptions for staff, students or event delegates

Additional features include surveys and push notifications to enhance wellbeing communication with staff, students and delegates

Enhance productivity, boost morale and provide a happier, healthier and more efficient work environment.

How will it benefit me?

Mental strength
Improve breathing
Increase strength
Greater flexibility
Better balance
Enhance creativity
More focused
Reduce stress and anxiety
Increase energy
Workforce wellbeing

Your YogaBot will offer basic meditation, mindfulness and ancient tips and remedies that can alleviate stress whilst providing relief to aches and pains through movement and mobility.

Through your Bot, you will learn new techniques in finding the magic route to a peaceful mind and body.

For the Employer, YogaBots™ will survey your staff and provide feedback on employee wellbeing, offering more intimate knowledge of issues that may need to be addressed to enhance productivity, boost morale and provide a happier, healthier and more efficient work environment.


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